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Hooray, yet again, for bondmates.

Darkside discovered a new way to squick me. I discovered a new way to squick me. I now have several "Owww, my eyes" things to avoid thinking about. Agh.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Happiness is giggling with your best friend over everything in the universe. Happiness is your best friend snarking with you, giggling over the same movie references. He's actually seen Happy Gilmore, of all movies for him to see. (Adam Sandler is not generally my senior bondmate's cup of tea, from what I've seen of them both.) Happiness is inquiring after each other's writing progress. It's excellent having a best friend when you can talk about everything in the world, even cross-dressing, exception-throwing, parenthood, social issues and technology, writing style, work, and vasectomy. We discussed the unseen factors of unlikely pairings, and he squicked me out by suggesting things too terrible to describe. I threatened, variously, to tell his mother to hit him with a pillow, and to go over there with one myself to whap him with it personally. (That last led to a description of my horrid pun joke on V, the salt and creamer...)

It looks like there's a Return of Shanna, in some weird form or other. I giggle.

We shan't be seeing Revenge of the Sith together on opening night, not if he's working the next day; I'd figured as much. I may wind up going with Dawn's brother and his family. We discussed the current schedule for time to get together -- virtually nil, between his work, my work, game, and church. Agh, frustration, but the nice healthy mutual communicative frustration. Much better than the alternative.

When it comes down to it, I trust him. I trust him because he's earned it. He's my model for the love between Alia's mother and Alia's father, actually.

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