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Novel update

"Harry scares me."

17,667 / 100,000.

I'm really not sure where I'm going after this, but I have an entire day to come up with some more things, plus I have the handy plot file. Getting there from here's going to be fun; there's going to be a fire alarm. Yep. Fire alarm. And some people out of place. Yep. Hee.

I'm evil.

Darkside and I have concluded that this novel is very much not his cup of tea, just from the novel description. That's very much all right; I'd love for him to read it, of course, but I'd hate for him to get a rotten first impression of my novel-length writing from something that is so very much what he doesn't read as to be Dreadfully Wrong. (This would be sort of like me reading a detailed bit of military fiction, for example. I'd fall way, way asleep. Or something dreadfully dull that mostly involves the Inner Life of someone I really don't care at all about.) Perhaps my junior bondmate reads YA comedies of embarrassments.

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