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Game Plan

It's never wise to have a day like tomorrow without a plan in place for implementation. Therefore:

5:00 am: wake up.
5:30 am: depart with Sis for her workplace.
6:00 am (appx): deposit Sis at her workplace.
6:30 am (appx): show up at plasma place. Perhaps pull a line-hoppy trick by signing in at the clipboard and going and getting some much-needed grocery shopping done before it's time to go back ... or perhaps bringing a pen and paper and dressing for the weather and waiting and writing.
8:00 am: Go inside plasma place. Wait.
9:30 am (appx): Leave plasma place. IF shopping not accomplished, accomplish it; also, bring cans to recycle.
Remainder of morning and part of afternoon: sleep. Later, accomplish housework and like tasks.
3:30 pm: head to Willow House for some serious writing.
4:00 - 11:00 pm (appx): Write my heart/brains/other internal organs out.
11:00 pm: Make my loopy smoke-sodden way home.
11:30 pm: Laundry. Lots of it.

[3:12 am insomniac edit of schedule: stay up, or nap a bit. Drive Sis to work. Come home. Sleep. Then go out and do things after waking-up happens.]

Lather, rinse, repeat. Thursday is my Sunday. Friday is my Monday. Friday is Sis's day off.

Friday schedule:
11:00 am: get ass out of bed.
12:15 pm: walk to work.
1:00 pm: on shift.
9:00 pm: off shift.
10:00 pm: should be in bed.

5:00 am: wake up.
5:30 am: take Sis to work.
6:30 am: get another blessed hour of sleep.
7:45 am: walk to work.
5:00 pm: get home from work, write, crash, burn, etc.

6:15 am: wake up.
7:15 am: walk to work.
3:30 pm: get home from work. Die. Call Darkside. Tell him about the absolute mess this week has been so far. Giggle massively. Have pun war. Attempt to schedule some face-to-face time for December sometime. Sunday afternoons look like our best bet.

Drag ass out of bed, drag Sis to work. Pray for the whole bloody car ordeal to be over. Sleep until time to work.

More of the same, with more plasma donation.

Writing group night, early.

Woohoo for Thanksgiving. Is that really next week? I should call Dawn beforehand.

Write, and/or eat turkey and mashed potatoes. No work.

Work, yay.

Work, yay.

work, yay.

Work, yay. Also, finishing up nanowrimo, so stressmonkey.

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