Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Writing evening (or at least Out)

Went to writing group. Tried to get there a little early, but didn't make it by much. After the usual three collected (me, azwriter, easalle), we wandered off to the Willow House, where the write-in was going full swing. I got to meet all sorts of interesting people and have fun. jetpack_monkey seems to be a Geek Like Me, which is very good.

I also ran into an old classmate. She and I stared at each other, trying to figure out where we'd met before. We finally narrowed it down to Demland's class. I enjoyed that class more than she did.

I didn't get so much written tonight, though it was well above the target daily word count for the 50,000 word people. How scary is it that I'm starting to think of myself as slacking if I don't get 5,000 words out in a day?

Teel, the other insane 100,000 word person, is a lot of fun. I got out of there a little later than I'd planned, though the delay wasn't any sort of inconvenience to me, just a bit of a worry-moment. Lunch is a good thing. Coffee on top of no food since breakfast is not a good thing. All was good, though, and much discussion of Knightmare Chess ensued.

I'm hoping we can sometime wonk the writing group descent upon the Willow House to another day of the week, or at least get us in a different room, because writing group people giggling en masse and an amplified poetry slam do not always go well together.

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