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Something to give thanks for

Can we say, thanks for best friends?

Former Thanksgiving plan: marxdarx, Sis, and the Little Fayoumis go to Hippy-Dave and Celtic Potter's for Thanksgiving day, and go to Grandma & Grandpa's for Thanksgiving evening and night and then the following day. Lunatic: stays home Thursday (writing like a madwoman), waits for leftovers.

Current Thanksgiving plan: Marx, Sis, and LF keep their original plan. Lunatic goes and visits a certain best friend, and quite likely bringing laptop and hiding in blonder half's room with gaming blonder half when the 'hiding in room and gaming' part of the festivities starts and writing like a madwoman.


Blonder half's mother asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving. I revealed the current plan. Much talking ensued, including some geneological explorations. (Mrs. Malfoy should really get together with Aunt-Fayoumis and look at family trees sometime; that could be interesting.) Time came for me to head home, and as I was putting my shoes on, Mrs. Malfoy called, "Darkside, could you come in here and help me with this?" which is poorly-concealed mother-code for "C'mere, kid, I want to talk with you without your guest hearing."

The net result of that was Darkside re-emerging and inviting me to show up on Thursday, and me accepting with what I hope was good grace, and probably included The Azzgrin, or a slightly-less fanged near relative.

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