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In which the Lunatic is very, very hyper, and makes an amusing observation. Also, work & life.

Angel's still down for repairs. Much with the driving.

Monitored and validated yesterday. Trader Joe's Queen Monitor came in while I was being my usual smooth phone self and commented that wow, I made her look like a grouch in comparison. Hee. I worry about Old Lady Monitor's memory, because she was intending to assign people to me that she didn't actually assign to me. Ooops.

I was hyper all yesterday, and am still reasonably bouncy today. Yesterday, I was hyper to the point where I was giggling and flapping my hands in the air madly between validation calls and being scarily bouncy. I had a lot of hyper and nothing to do with it. I think I scared/intimidated othercat a little, mostly because it was the most hyper she'd ever seen me.

It's official: seeing Darkside in person after having not seen him in a long time, and having some more time with him scheduled, and furthermore being invited to a Family Function, gives me the same type and intensity of Serious Energy High that very good sex does.

amberfox: "<G> Imagine if you ever got both. We might have to stuff you in a bag until it wore off, for the safety of the world."

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