Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Thanksgiving Plans and Family Friends

Today was too insane for me to feel in any way all right about taking time out for the writing group, so I gave it an unexpected miss.

I did get to find something appropriate to wear that won't make me look like a cheap tart. I picked Sis up at work. I went and got groceries with Marx. I went and got groceries with Sis.

In between coming home and going out to get groceries, Darkside's mom called. She was making sure that I knew I was invited for Thanksgiving. (Evidently my answer to Darkside's slightly coerced invitation was insufficiently enthusiastic to register as an affirmative.) A Freudian slip was made, but not by me. When you're telling your son's best friend that she's welcome to come for holiday celebrations because she's a friend, when you start to say "family" instead of "friend", your thoughts betray you...


One wouldn't think that all of this would take up so much time, but somehow, it did. I'm now jittering about in a very nervous manner, having now attempted to wash Tigereye's keys. I think I succeeded.

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