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Work and things like work

Monitored today. The Rules Lawyer Monitor was shift lead. There is a new innovation called "Punch-Around", which does not mean fistsmackity, but instead random short monitoring sessions all over the floor in the last hour or so of work. This was introduced because there was some concern that when monitors are seen to be decamping before the shift is over, people might be getting up to some mischief. We'll see how it goes.

At any rate, I was the Punch-Around Person for the evening. (In passing: who came up with that utterly ghastly name?) This kept me there until shift end at 10. I have to be up at 4:30 for my duty as Transport Layer for Sis tomorrow morning (Angel's still in the shop). Aggh, the brain, it bleeeeeds.

I wound up hanging out with Figment a bit. The Clergy-Call is very strong when I hang out in his company, very very strong. I never knew Marcella, so I can't really even begin to fathom who she was to be missed. Perhaps that's best, though, because I have so much to be so brilliantly happy about, and the happiness is untainted by any grief of my own. I have enough happiness to share and share and share and share. I don't know if someone who's grieving will even like being around someone who's shining so loudly, but what else can I do?

I have a little hobby to start working on, once I get the brain cells (which will be December or later). I want to replace the paper time sheets with something temporary that will duplicate, automate, and improve, and perhaps provide a smooth upgrade path for the eventual Official Work Thinger. This'll almost all have to be client-side, because I don't have access to do anything server-side. The thing I'm thinking is HTML, JavaScript, and happy fun mailto: joy-ness. Or something. First I have to hack out the Requirements Document, which currently is written on the back of a piece of work recycle-paper (the monitoring assignments for the day) and has words and phrases like "damn", "magic number", "crapweasels", and "bad programmer". Darkside said something like, "Actually, that wouldn't be too hard," which was what I was thinking. Ah, the conversations we have over lunch. We restrained the geeking on Thursday, though, even though I was dying to get into the nitty-gritty and hack it out with him.

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