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Cursed Laundry Thieves Aren't Much Fun.

Well, actually, they are. Or, at least, they should be.

There have been a rash of laundry thefts recently, including some of Sis's clothes. The Household was Not Happy.

A sign went up in the laundry room tonight, after the nice BIS guy reported that one of his towels had been stolen.
Hereby Know All that Various & Sundry items of Laundry that were Foully Stolen have been now Cursed. Vile Thieves not wishing Personal Inconvenience should return them.

The header: two skulls-and-crossbones. Up the side in Elder Futhark runes: "FUCK YOU ASSHOLES."

Perhaps, on the next iteration, I should add "All your base are belong to Eris." I asked Eris if She could, if it was Her Will, visit like inconvenience upon the laundry thieves.

I shall, of course, expect Eris to take more of an interest in my day-to-day life for a while after this...

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