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Hooray Thanksgiving!

Today was the household's Thanksgiving celebration, with turkey and all. I came home from work to a scene of industrious domestic chaos. (Delicious-smelling industrious domestic chaos.) I wound up inviting ralmathon (who now has a new tech job) over; I also wound up calling Darkside's household with the intent of catching Darkside out at his game and debriefing the Thanksgiving celebration with his mother. I got, instead, a Darkside, with parents busy preparing to go Out.

ralmathon and Darkside got to talk to each other for the first time in, I believe, over two years, since I handed the phone over briefly after my big bro showed up so they could say hi; they wound up playing Alaskan Civil War or some such thing.

I hid out in my room on the bed, whispering confidences and reassurances to Darkside while the fun clattered on out in the living room. Given the choice between blissful chaos and noise and light and sociability, and peace and dark and a trusted bondmate on the fringes of the light and noise, I'll take the twilight with the bondmate.

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