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In which the Lunatic is pseudo-obnoxious, and pseudo-glamourbombs a church in a seelie fashion.

It's sort of difficult to find Darkside's family on the web. You can find his parents if you know their real names, actually -- his father's name turns up an article he wrote, and, more importantly, the cached page of a "Happy $MONTH Birthdays" page at a local church. (Darkside's mom's name is on that list too. Darkside's own name returns a hit or two that isn't him; as far as Google is concerned, his real identity doesn't exist.) Yes, I Google my friends, family, co-workers, old schoolmates, and/or enemies when bored. It's a Geek Thing.

At any rate, the church website has a guestbook. The guestbook has a prayer request function.

Now, given that this is the church that my best friend and his family attend, I don't want to do anything to embarrass anyone. However, while I'd ordinarily consider showing up for the regularly scheduled service some Sunday morning, and behaving myself completely (which would freak Darkside out mildly, because he'd suspect there were Ulterior Motives, and he'd be half-right), there are two difficulties: first, transportation problems, and second, I work Sunday mornings. So that is out. (My first choice of a religious gathering to attend, actually, is Friends Meeting, because those are generally quiet and comfortable. Even though I'm witchy.)

I wound up leaving the following prayer request:
Please join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for the most wonderful and uplifing friendship I've ever found.

Given that I'm sure that a lot of prayer requests submitted to any organization are about healing the sick, comforting the grieving, and helping those otherwise in need, I think a joyous prayer of thanksgiving submitted to a church's online prayer request feature is a good thing.

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