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The phone is a good, good thing.

I spent a good portion of time on the phone with a certain Darkside. There are certain things that neither of us can stand: tabloids and womens' magazines. I seem to have a greater tolerance for them than he does, though.

We talked of many things, including some things of crucial importance that had a street date of "after I've mentioned it to him first".

Game isn't on for a while, so he has Saturday afternoons free now for a while. *ponders the imponderable*

Pun wars are a bad, bad thing. Both of us wind up being very, very goofy. (Well, that's a good thing, but the pun wars are still Bad.) His phone and my phone both cut out together, so I wound up being the one to call back. He really isn't a phone geek like I am. Which reminds me, one of my next degrees should be in telecommunications, because I love telecommunications. (I took a rotary phone apart with swallowtayle's help when I was five-ish, and drew detailed pictures of the interior, all with my father's blessing. This was the start of a happy delight in all forms of telecommunications fun.)

We really do need to see each other more often.

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