Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

family crisis

having a morning. Showed up early as usual. Got chewed out a bit by my best friend for showing up so early when I didn't have class and my sister/roommate was in the midst of a crisis.

Seriously, I've got school, she's busy, and best friend the gentleman needs company too. I'd only be getting in the way of Sis's busy/crisis, she had Alan over helping out with everything (blessed be, Alan -- you so totally rock) and by the time she'd need me to be there for her, I'd be right in the middle of class. Before then, I'd be awkward and right in the way of the busiest part of her crisis.


I'm losing some of my ability to coherently articulate things like this to him on a regular and instant basis. Starting to scare me a little. I can type/write it just fine, just ... not with my voice.

...perhaps it's because my voice betrays me.
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