Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

NaNoWriMo Party (ooops)

There was a "thank goodness it's finally over -- see you again next year?" sort of party on Saturday for Phoenix National Novel Writing Month participants -- in an obscure corner of Scottsdale that I may have driven past once with norabombay while we were driving around the city just looking at stuff and cruising.

I came home from work excited about the prospect (having finally been talked into probably definitely going by easalle) and poked the bus schedule website for the exact timing on the buses I'd need to get there and get back. What I found there alarmed me -- I'd have to leave immediately to get there late, and leave an hour after I got there to get back home on something that wasn't the last bus of the night (and when I'm in an unfamiliar neighborhood without any semblance of a ride and without local people about, I categorically refuse to count on the last bus of the night). Since I had been thinking it over, without seriously considering it, until late late Friday night, I hadn't made any other sort of plan.

easalle was having a Babysitter Moment ("where is the --?", specifically) when I called, and the timing for either ride there or ride back was wrong -- I'd have had to be going home early (work Sunday mornings, yay) and not only was she planning on going out with her husband afterwards, but they would have been Out Late.

So I gave the party a miss, and I wound up staying home and having a nice cozy evening chatting with Darkside on the phone, friends on the computer, and the household in person.

easalle says that there will be off-season NaNo-style write-ins at the Willow House on Monday nights, so I may try and hit those on occasion, as transportation and such allow. (It's night and after I get off work, so I think I can borrow the car...)

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