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Monitored. Was sore from heavy cleaning. Traded off one small section of my people to the Trader Joe's Queen Monitor, because I was on validations. Wound up doing validations for nearly four hours. That's a lot of time to spend on the phones.

Nearly got into a verbal brawl with a fellow who insisted that since I was validating that a member of the household took the survey, I should have their name. Um, no. Since we call at fricking RANDOM, and we deliberately don't ask for the name of the people that we speak to on certain projects, we have no way of knowing the name of the person, just that it was likely that it was the lady of the house because the person was female, and we do note that (and I include the gender in my list of questions to validate, because it makes it so much easier). I argued with the guy for what felt like five minutes, trying to explain to him that what we were trying to do was speak to the person we spoke with before, and ask them a few of the same questions we asked on the survey so that I, as the supervisor, could verify that the phone goon put everything in the computer correctly. The guy was evidently dumb as a box of Dendarii hill rocks and twice as belligerent, or else he just felt like being an asshole and pretending he was as dumb as a box of Dendarii hill rocks. Either way, it feels so very good to be able to say "Asshole," after hanging up the phone. I'm in a room by myself, with the door shut, so I can do this without fear of getting in trouble. (I have a reputation as being one of the monitors with the cleanest language in the workplace; Trader Joe's Queen Monitor was very surprised when she heard me use some mild profanity one day.)

We're dreadfully backed up on validations; one project I took on had 467 surveys to validate a certain percentage of (we like to do them before they get to 100); another had 219 in just two time zones. I got both of those finished so that the next person won't have to. Of course, the one with the 467 surveys was the one where I have to speak to two people. One of those calls, I called one person at one number, and then had to call another number to speak with the second person, which was exceptionally irregular, but it worked out all right.

The annoying thing about validations is that in order to get as many surveys from the ever-neglected East Coast validated, one has to wait until the time zone has timed out before going on break, which leaves me on break at seven. The East Coast-specific surveys are always lagging behind in validations, but I had to get $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB done before I even thought about taking on anything else, and by the time I was done with that, it was already 10:10 over there.

Work's having a potluck party on the 17th. I'm not sure what I'm going to bring. Something, probably. The extra shift memos passed out today indicate that we are, in fact, having work over the holidays -- just reduced hours and all, and to notify the office immediately should we have made plans so that we'll be sure to get that time off, and they'll know how many people they'll not be having so that we'll have the staff we need. I already filled out a schedule change request form to make sure that I got the 21st and 22nd off, those being our holidays.

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