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FIC: "Enough Sleep"

Author: azurelunatic
Title: Enough Sleep
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Gen, humor
Warnings: some violence, house-elf self-injury
Spoilers/time period: Prisoner of Azkaban
Keywords: Time-Turner, Dobby, Hermione
Summary: Dumbledore asks the House-Elves to make sure Hermione doesn't abuse the Time-Turner.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing with them.
Author's Note: A short one-shot written to illustrate a point about how a House-Elf attempting to handle Time-Turner abuse would actually work here, at cordelia_v's 10 Commandments for Hermione Fans post.

Hermione looked up from her book with a guilty start. She'd crept off to an isolated corner of the castle to have a good read -- not a textbook, this time, but one of her old favorite stories. She couldn't justify taking time that she should have been using to brush up on her Potions theory to read, of course, so she'd borrowed a few hours with the Time-Turner. The only one she was borrowing them from was herself, and surely she wouldn't regret, in her old age, reading a book. Surely not.

The interruption had been caused by Dobby. He stood in the door of the little room, bearing a tray lavishly loaded with food from the kitchens. "Dobby is making sure Miss Granger is getting enough to eat," the oddly-clad elf said, and set the tray next to her. He hovered and beamed as Hermione practically inhaled the snack, twisting his hands together behind his back. "Now, Miss Granger is going back to her rooms to sleep," the house-elf said.

"I thought I'd stay and finish my book," Hermione said. She was only a few hundred pages from the end; it wouldn't take long.

"Master Dumbledore is insisting Miss Granger is getting enough sleep," Dobby said, then clapped his hands over his mouth. The small cast-iron skillet clutched in one hand banged painfully into his nose. "Dobby was not supposed to have been telling Miss Granger that!" he said, and walloped his free hand with the skillet.

"You shouldn't do that to yourself, Dobby!" Hermione gasped in sympathy. "You're a free elf now. You don't have to hurt yourself. ...What are you doing?" she asked, as Dobby raised the skillet with a grim look in his huge eyes.

Dobby brought the skillet down on the back of Hermione's head with scientific precision. "Dobby is making sure Miss Granger is getting enough sleep," he said, as he levitated Hermione, book and all, and floated her back up to Gryffindor Tower.

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