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Interview at Work

I was monitoring today, but before I could fairly put my stuff down in a monitor room, the Rules Lawyer Monitor snagged me and told me that actually, a higher muckitymuck wanted to see me, and she thought it was about the fact that I'm the person who won the Alternative Transportation incentive this month.

"I can take you there, but you'll have to remember the way back yourself," the Rules Lawyer Monitor told me, sounding like someone out of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I eventually did find my way there, after several run-ins with the muckitymuck in question not being in her cubicle.

I'd met her, in passing, several times before, mainly at monitor meetings. The Rules Lawyer Monitor introduced us and departed. Instead of this being about my walking to work nearly every day, it was instead about the offhand e-mail I'd sent to the Lady in the Front Office. "I know this is belated," I'd written, "but if you still need people to fill in for walking [the floor and supervising the people on the phones] or something, I'm willing to do that." Evidently my simple e-mail had made the rounds of a few departments, and had eventually filtered up to this lady in the form "Miss A. Lunatic is ready and willing to train for other, more elevated, duties." I hadn't had any such grand ambitions, and I mentioned that what I'd done was just made known my willingness to be pulled as a walker, but I was willing to consider other things. She told me that the thought was to train me to be able to run projects, and perhaps I could wind up running half the week of check-in, opposite one of the other check-in people. She asked me what I'd like to do. I grinned, not at full Azzgrin, but Naomi's hopeful and toothy grin that resembles the Azzgrin enough that strangers can mistake it for the Azzgrin if they haven't seen the real thing, and mentioned that I had my eye, eventually, on the IT department.

I took a little written test, the same one that Snarky Lady Monitor mentioned taking, and am going to be having another appointment Monday or so, to take the second part of the test, this being a test on the system. I've never trained on the system, but they'll be teaching me if I'm to be doing things. Whee, hooray for potentially moving up in the workplace!

I was hyper the rest of the day from this, and had to seriously roll a will save against calling Darkside's mom on break and sharing my glee with her. The rest of my co-workers were happy that I was going places, and amused as heck by my hyperactive antics. When you put the energy of a gleeful Miles Vorkosigan in someone not quite the height of a Koudelka Sister, with the build of Lord Mark, those in the immediate area are either going to be grinning (happy Lunatics are cute) or ducking (happy Lunatics moving about at warp speed are not to be trifled with).

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