Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Life, unrelated to work

I've been playing around on the Support boards. I'm up to 90 Support Points now. I am amused, and like collecting Support Points, and wonder if I shouldn't start racking up the points on my Stealth Identity Account, the innocuous red herring account that I'd feel 100% OK about letting co-workers see, just so I can cite the experience complete with account name so they can check it out themselves.

My cat is nuts, and/or possessive. Tonight she decided that she was going to groom my velvetoid shirt. It was cute, though. Mommy's fur is on the floor. Oh! I will lick and/or eat Mommy's shed fur!

I need to, somehow, cram all of the following into tomorrow:
  • Read a full-length novel, and edit it the heck up
  • Play Fairy Godmother to an Ella-in-the-cinders computer
  • Get new shoes (for walking) (OK, so it is related to work)
  • Sleep

Any one or two of those things could be done. There are probably more things, like laundry, that I haven't considered. Also, the bathroom floor. Ugh. I also have afghans to crochet, and serious things to do to get Thalia up and running as she ought to be, especially in the "talking with AzureBlue" department.

I think I'll go and sleep pretty soon.

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