Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Book Excitement

Going through easalle's nanowrimo novel with the purple pen of doom, and utter delight with the story. All my years of working on ectogenesis have given me a bit of an eye for things to look out for, and some tips and tricks at getting things whacked into shape, and also an eye for when things are working and when things are utterly broken. Things in that book are working so far, and I want to be reading and not editing. You know it's good when you want to be reading and not editing and since it's a NaNovel, it's full of the little "I'm writing fast" things that normally make my inner proofreader scream and throw tantrums.

Instead of tantrums, though, I'm getting bounciness and the delightful "Wow, if it's this enthralling while my inner proofreader is trying to purple-pen it, I wonder what it's going to be like when it's polished," sense. It would be so cool to be yet another little nest of good (and published) novelists. (I'm going to have to get my other one printed out, polished up, and start searching for a good home.)

Someone else is going to have to go through and correct for tense in the happy princess/pirate/assassin book, though. It's been too long, and my brain's overloaded. Too many years away from the keyboard. *sigh* I can still tell when something doesn't look right, so that's a start.

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