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GIP: Eris, Raven, kallisti, shiny

I finally have my apple/Raven icon! When 42 pages of Google Image Search failed to come up with the right photograph of Raven looking at something, I decided it was time to do it myself, and do it right. I'm coming to get to know some of the obscure secrets of The GIMP better, and I like that.

Raven's in sillhouette, mainly because I don't trust myself on eye placement, and I don't have the skill necessary with computer graphics to give a black bird depth. Notice he's talking about the shiny. I had to tweak layers to get the font the way I wanted it. Glee! I may never go back to Paint.

What I'd like to do, of course, is start out with no text and fade it in and make it sparkle, and make the apple sparkle too, but one can't have everything right off.

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