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A wild night is preordained

Chocolate led to much giggliness with writing group, and much giggliness at the Willow House. J's new squeeze is there, and while he's an interesting fellow, it's not really possible for me to let my hair down in his company.

January starts our season of Wednesday nights.

I must remember to call Darkside/his household tomorrow to try and see when a good time for getting in touch with him would be, and to convey my holiday greetings, and to see what's up for New Year's.

The wireless connection at the Willow House suddenly cut out, and everyone was noticing it and complaining. The local geek was not there, but I asked the person who failed to find the local geek if she could please just reboot the unit, if she had the privileges to do so. (I was also able to identify that it wasn't handing out the default gateway to the network users.) She rebooted it, and it started up working again.

I wound up hitting Denny's with trystan_laryssa after I wasn't tired enough to even begin sleeping. That was fun. We astronomy-geeked at each other. Evidently being the daughter of a rocket scientist lets you pick up on some fun facts, and gives you geek cred. It was good for us to spend time together, and she needed some time out to decompress about stuff going on in the everyday life to someone she doesn't have to live with or near.

I keep forgetting that the tiny camera is in my purse. I have some things to upload tomorrow.

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