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A visit from Santa

Santa dumped a metric pantload of wrapped gifts around the tree. The bulk of them are for the Little Fayoumis, but I saw a few for Sis. There were one each for marxdarx and Sis from the Oak King and the Holly King. I added my Christmas presents for Sis and the Little Fayoumis to the stack.

One of my favorite things about presents in my family is that sometimes, the person who's wrapping it has been nicely cryptic, and has put a message on the outside with a joke about the contents. For a past birthday, when I'd been in need of a watch, FatherSir wrote that he hoped this gift was "timely".

Sis's gift from me is "In honor of the return of the light (batteries not included)". The Little Fayoumis has one for him, "but not for people's eyes".

At some point tomorrow, I may want to go out and find some D-cells.

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