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Holiday update in which nothing of import has happened

The living room has so many feathers scattered over it, it looks like a rooster was murdered. (Actually, a murdered rooster would have left about a hundred times as many feathers, and more blood and guts, but it looks like a rooster had a really close escape. And I know it was a rooster, because it's the pointy and shiny hackle and saddle feathers.) The cats have been cheerfully trying to disembowel their little ball-with-feathers toy. There were three of them. shammash raided the shopping bag and started playing with them when they were still in the package. I decided to give it to them then, and stored the other two (per the helpful hints on the package) in the catnip jar.

I have washed dishes. I have found breakfast/lunch. I have not sought out batteries. I have not vacuumed. I have been reading good classic fanfic. I have decided that if I ever am published, and some of my favorite scenes get snipped out per editorial decree, I shall make myself a sockpuppet account and put up the fanfic up somewhere where it will be appreciated. And yes, I shall have it betaed first. Honestly, I think that's an appropriate compromise. Even if it's not a sockpuppet, even if it's just a random hard-to-find corner of the author's site, cut scenes put up as fanfic, cut scenes that are still good... One can fanfic one's own work, yes?

It's a nice and peaceful holiday. No one's shouting outside, which is a nice change.

The other night, some complete twit left broken glass all over the space where we usually park Sis's car. Argh. Twits.

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