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I'd decided to vacuum today. Between sleep, sleep, and more sleep, I got around to that when my roommates got home. I abruptly found out that the vacuum cleaner again had no suction. Sis and I attempted to un-jam the clogged passage just behind the brushes. Once that was reasonably cleared, I decided to slurp the rest out with the vacuum cleaner hose, but found that this, too, was not sucking. There proved to be more of the same nasty cat fur, dirt, and hair clogging the inside bits. I tried to get some out, but was largely unsuccessful. Sis will take the vacuum cleaner over to Clover's husband, who will attack it with proper vacuum cleaner cleaning tools.

I wound up at Sprouts in search of lettuce. While there, I noticed a very familiar tall person with dark red hooded sweatshirt. It turned out to be none other than Problem Child, a former co-worker who was very un-suited to phone work. He evidently works there now. I said hello to him as I was leaving. I think this job will suit him much, much better than doing phone surveys. He seems happier already.

There was a LiveJournal outage for the Filetmignon cluster. I find out about these things in weird ways, actually -- when my assorted LJ friends IM me in a general panic to see if I know what's going on. That sends me first to, and then blipping off to the Support IRC forum (when Status says there's nothing wrong). Support was just spinning up to Full Tizzy. I discovered that I was not on Cartman, as I'd previously been, and I was now smack dab in the afflicted cluster. I called foul. One of the other Support volunteers discovered that the same had happened to them, and threw more of a whiny-fit.

It was laundry night. Yay, laundry. It was also time to fold up the The Cheat costume poncho and stuff it inside the The Cheat head. Consequently, I can see my floor. Amazing!

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