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2004 in review, and goals.

Despite not seeing my bondmate half enough for the bulk of the year, it was a decent year. It started out with extreme lousiness and depression, but perked up after that. I'm employed at a job I'm having fun with, and I have more people to spend random time hanging out with. I finished the rough draft of one novel and started the rough draft of a second. I've honed my writing skills enough so that a crap novel cranked out in a month by me is actually an enjoyable read even in rough draft format. I got to spend some time in Alaska, and I've figured out some of my social priorities.

In 2005, I hope to accomplish most, if not all, of the following:
  • spend more time working on keeping myself in better shape
  • pay more attention to housework
  • finish up both The Necromancer's Prayer and cuttingrmfloor, as well as write another nanowrimo novel, and probably some smaller projects; work more on the magicgeeking document
  • make appropriate advancements in the workplace
  • pay more attention to finances
  • devote more attention to the girls (including letting Naomi spend more time with her computers)
  • spend more time (remotely and in person) with my bondmate, and make sure he understands how very much I cherish our friendship, and how very happy and stable he helps me be
  • establish a more comprehensive face-to-face social network of people who don't drive me up the bloody wall on a regular basis
  • spend more time with my big bro
  • start the hairy-scary process of trying to get published

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