Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

"Ya Got Trouble": the filking

A metaquotes entry a long time ago (well, OK, four months or so) led me to continue to filk another little snippet of some Music Man, where the problem is not pool halls, but fanfic.

Now, I know all of you folks are the right kind of parents. I'm going to be perfectly frank. Do you know what kind of conversation goes on when they're hanging around those sites? They talk about slash. They talk about incest. They talk about Frodo/Sam like buggery fiends! And bragging how they'll cover up their tell-tale tracks with SpyBot one fine night. They leave the fanfic, headed for the chat and the porno. Creepy old men and scarlet women, who'll grab your son, YOUR daughter, with the arms of a jungle, animal instincts -- HYSTERIA! Friends, the idle brain's the Devil's playground -- trouble!

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