Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Wherein the Lunatic is randomly IMed by someone wanting more than the Lunatic is giving.

sds0488 (1:22:04 AM): heys exy
sds0488 (1:22:09 AM): you got a cam?
sds0488 (1:23:48 AM): You got a cam?
Shadow (2:20:16 AM): Excuse me?
sds0488 (3:11:33 AM): Hey, you still online? Got a cam?
Shadow (3:11:47 AM): Do I know you?
sds0488 (3:12:32 AM): Nope, do you live in alaska?
Shadow (3:13:06 AM): No. Why are you pestering people you don't know to see if they have webcams?
sds0488 (3:13:59 AM): So I can see their tits and show them my hard cock? for fun, who cares? I'm bored.
Shadow (3:14:32 AM): Go fuck Binky. Goodbye.

Binky, for non-Alaskans, was a polar bear in the Anchorage zoo who mauled an idiot who was idiotic enough to climb in his pen.

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