Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Rumors True: Six Apart buying LJ. Don't panic.

Brad confirms: LJ's really been sold, and he's all happy because he thinks he's as shitty at management as we think he is, and he likes their management style.

LJ's sticking around, not going to go poof. We'll get TrackBack, so woo! (for the non-technical among us: you'll get to see who's been linking to each journal entry, which rocks all kinds of socks.)

I'm cautiously happy, and I've asked a few questions on page seven or so of the growing wankfest of comments. bradfitz says he'll keep answering questions as they come in over the next couple days.

There will be a new TOS to review, and you will have to read/agree over the next few days in order to keep posting here. I'm not worried, but I am overcaffienated, which makes me hyper and jittery.

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