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Azure Jane Lunatic

Lemming: Home to Home

Instructions (edited for clarity and readability):
  1. Go to (or a mapping site of your choice)
  2. Enter your current address and the address of your childhood home (or at least the town if you don't remember the exact address)
  3. Share distance and driving time. (In cases where different continents are involved, try checking airline miles and travel time.)
  4. Discuss.

Fairbanks to Phoenix:
Total Est. Time: 77 hours, 48 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 3613.71 miles

I've never driven it. I might like to, some day. I got the directions not door to door, but town-to-town, as I wanted to share the enormity of the trip with the friends list. Aunt-Fayoumis likes watching the climate change while we drive. I'd like to drive it with her, Guide Dog Aunt, swallowtayle, and V from my writing group someday. That would be excellently fun, provided that V and my aunts got along, which I trust they would.

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