Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Two Days

Wednesday was writing group night, wherein we discussed J's protagonist, the one I wanted to defenestrate after slapping around some. Fortunately, J was just as frustrated with the character as we were, so all was good.

V can't make it through the ordeal of the Willow House afterwards. Too many people, too much smoke, too loud, and too many random strangers/outsiders/weirdlings barging in. I have to agree with her on all counts. I cannot stand the presence of J's new squeeze; he rubs me exceedingly the wrong way. Part of the whole writers' group thing is getting to hang out with V afterwards. We've got to find a new place. And she's right, some of the people we've dragged along their first time here just don't fit.

Thursday was a whole lot of nothing going on, except for one session of flamage. I gave plasma, came home, and spent the bulk of the evening putting out flames in my community. People were banned, other people were warned. Ho-hum. Then I read and did dishes and somehow managed to avoid doing anything productive.

Today: work. Plus, some after-the-argument explaining over in cats_with_claws:

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