Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Can't sleep, fonts will eat me

Couldn't sleep, after I'd slept for around two hours. So I got up in hopes of making a sign to put up at work, a sign to advertise Lewis Carroll's birthday.

Why just confine it to LJ, and why make up surreal stuff to post when you can go and create surreal stuff to happen? And when you can convince others off LJ to create surreal stuff to actually happen, that's even better.

What I want to put on the sign is something like this:

"Has life gotten somewhat boring? Liven it up by falling down the rabbit hole for a day. Join people across the world in celebration of Lewis Carroll's birthday and make your day ever so slightly surreal. Have a mad tea party! Converse with people beyond the looking-glass! Talk with rabbits! Do those silly things you wish you weren't too grown-up to do. Go ask Alice. I think she'll know."

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