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"What I Did For The LJ Outage" by azurelunatic, aged 24

When I came home from shopping with V, LJ was down. I pouted, loaded up the spr0t IRC channel web client, and went to go and read some fine fic. I wound up chatting with marxdarx and getting very silly and traumatizing him with Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, and attempted to share some Snape/Lupin with him, but failed to turn up anything interesting for "snupin" on Google Image Search.

"You're searching for 'snarry'? I don't know that word." -- marxdarx, before seeing images that made him want to scrub his brain out with steel wool and bleach.

Today, I mostly slept, and then chatted with assorted people. (I chatted with assorted people last night too.) Then I went off to try and get new glasses. Doom happened. I did get to see Clover's much-talked-about hen Little Bird. Little Bird is strikingly beautiful, with the full body you'd expect to see on a Rhode Island Red, but with gold feathers with black lacing like a Golden Sebright. She has a beautiful smooth pea comb, and amber eyes. She also needed a bath and a claw-trim (her butt-fuzz was soiled and her claws were too long) but on the whole, she was friendly and personable and very, very soft. I was able to catch her to hold her and pick her up and pet her; Sis got to pet her too. I would have caught her more easily if I'd had treats to lure her closer with. She talked to us a bit while I was holding her.

When I came home, I wound up calling Darkside. I'm glad that I only generally get to see his sweetheart side, rather than getting to see the grumpy face he presents to most of the rest of the world.

The sink-strainer needed replacing, so I went out and did that. Tomorrow, I'll probably go bed-shopping with Sis. The Little Fayoumis will be taking back the bunkbed, so I'll be back on uncomplex mattresses unless I replace the bed. The bunkbed, while nifty, is not the optimal solution for me.

LJ had come back up by the time I got back home, and I was able to post my queued entries with a few small problems, such as Semagic crashing on me excessively. All the entries got posted, though. Yay for posting.

Fanfic I read:
Cloak of Courage
xylodemon's Phoenix Song

Fanfic I didn't read yet:
Mistakes Men Make: WIP recced by amberfox

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