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Oy. Oy Vey.

So anyway, yesterday Sis had one of her precognitions of danger/trouble to one of her friends. She was worried sick. So Darkside and I, after we cast the coins to figure out how the hell to deal with it, decided we had to draw energy out of the situation rather than charge it. So we did.

It is unfortunate that I have been abiding a latent crush on Darkside, which abruptly bloomed into a Real, Industrial-Sized Crush. (Not to be confused with Real True Love.) Shanna had extensive commentary. I hushed her.

Sis read the cards -- if Darkside and I should get involved, it showed the Star, reversed. Basically, Sis turned upside-down, inside-out, and shaken up.

Bad idea, basically.

O gods.

The coin said:

The overall results if I told Darkside I liked him would be
good / bad

Should I tell him I like him

Is that a

If Darkside told me he liked me I should
ignore/negate // respond

Would he tell me if he did?
yes / no or unsure

How long would it take for him to tell me after he realized it?
short / long

how long would it take him to realize it?
short / long

Ignore / respond to subconscious yadda yadda?

Basically, continue as I have begun.

O gods.

Transcribed/posted 2005 Jan 17

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