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Necessary replacement things

Today, after determining that I'm still on the training schedule, I went and got my eyes checked, complete with dilation. I picked out new frames and placed my order. Yay new prescription! I have enough wrong with my eyes that it took quite a bit of doing to get something that would work.

If I got contact lenses, I'd probably have to get bifocal contact lenses -- one part prescription and the other part plain, because my eyes are getting to the point where I have to take off the glasses to look at small things up very close. For anything closer than a foot away from my eyes, I need my eyes to be bare.

After that, Sis and my new disposable sunglasses and I went to look at beds with Sis (with, of course, a detour to the place where she's staying to get the ad to figure out where the hell the place we were going was). I must have looked very stoned. I've been a lot quieter than my usual in-person chatterbox self lately, and people are getting worried.

I looked at beds, and wound up getting a sturdy wooden futon frame. I already have a futon mattress, and I can always replace it later. It'll come in next Monday, and Clover's husband has the truck, so he can get it from there to here.

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