Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


When I was over at Clover's a few days ago, I happened to see the Little Fayoumis watching Teen Titans. And the episode was the one where the alien chick who can fly and who has this green lightning thing going on adopts this fantastically ugly little larva-thing named Silkie.

And Silkie turns out to actually be not just a monster that eats everything, but a genetically engineered special and now being used to devastate shit by a bad guy monster that's also a moth that eats everything. And Silkie has to choose between the evil guy who created it and the girl who actually loved it, even though both of them had hurt it. The decision warps the thing's little mothy brain, and it explodes, to the disgruntlement of the bad guy and the devastation of the hovering redheaded alien chick.

"Oh, what a beautiful episode of a kids' cartoon," I thought to myself. "Sometimes, someone sacrifices themselves because either other option is betrayal of some sort."

And then, in the nasty guts of the exploded mutant mega-moth, something very like the original larva stirred and started making noise. I felt cheated.

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