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Today and yesterday I've been doing check-in at work. The Check-In Princess says I'm about good to go on it. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some schedule-hacking accomplished.

Tonight the shift ops super was not one of the usual suspects, so things went perhaps less smoothly, because two people not used to a job working together are always worse than one experienced person and an inexperienced one, because the experienced person can make up for the shortcomings.

As things were, we spent a good half hour or so trying to hunt down some numbers in assorted spreadsheets that weren't adding up right. It turned out to be mostly his numbers, and some morning shift numbers on a big project with a lot of nastiness. (I had everything adding up correctly on that big project, because I was smart and had my spreadsheet do my sums for me.)

The actual check-in at the beginning of the shift was scary, because the N00b Shift Ops Super was running away -- during the check-in, where people are coming up to find out where they're sitting -- to go deal with the problems that are caused when one supervisor does something in the computer on top of something another supervisor was doing. I used to think that it was silly to have one person calling out booth assignments from the booth assignment list and have the other person circling the booth numbers on the seating chart. Never again will I think that silly, because for the trailing end of the check-in, I had to do both myself. I put the wheels on the chair to good use, shifting between the two great clumps of paper. I'm sure I looked very silly indeed.

dustraven and trystan_laryssa were at work today, if briefly. There was silliness over break.

It was one of those evenings in the workplace where the supervisors forget that they're supposed to be mature and responsible and start cutting loose, displaying the sorts of delightful behaviour that's often reserved for the archetypical Company Party. (From what I've seen, actually, Company Parties here are more quiet and reserved than the after-hours night shift.) The usual suspects are almost always Trendy Chick Super and Quiet Geek Super -- he usually teases her, and that gets her all keyed up and she starts throwing things, and everyone else starts laughing.

I think I scared Trendy Chick Super a bit, though -- someone said something about slashing tires, and (since my mind was already in the Bad Place) I smirked, and she wanted to know what was so funny.

"In certain places on the internet," I said, "'slash' means something that isn't cutting holes in things."

Trendy Chick Super decided that she didn't want to know after all.

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