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Darkside called Tuesday night, to let me know that he'd be gone for the week and therefore out of contact. I wasn't in, so he left a message with Marx.

Simple, right?

Except ...

Other than calling back a few times when asked to or agreed on, Darkside hasn't called me or my household since Halloween 2002. This is the first time since then that he's called us unprompted. (And even that doesn't really count as a serious call, in 2002, because he was playing Alaskan Civil War with ralmathon.)

He'd mentioned, the other weekend, that he'd be away for a while and out of contact. I wasn't expecting warning or notice; I was simply expecting to call some weekend and find out from his mother that he wasn't going to be in until sometime next week.

Darkside's lack of communication is something that I've learned to live with. It startles me all out of proportion when he goes and surprises me by doing something like actually calling.

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