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When I woke up this morning with the "Oh, shit" feeling, it was because I was sure I'd forgotten to do something last night, and the thing I was sure I'd forgotten to do was update the time-sheet by saving the time-sheet as an old one by date and type, then saving the clean time-sheet master as the new active time-sheet.

So I called the workplace and got the only supervisory-type person in the bullpen, who was able to look at the time-sheets and tell me that actually, the time-sheet was clean except for one person who'd worked that day already having signed out, so evidently I did that. I just didn't copy the evening hours sheet, and that's something today's check-in person can do without my help, and they may or may not notice that it hadn't been done earlier. It's a courtesy and a convenience, but not vital.

I feel a lot better.

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