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Mini-braindumps, and also You Had To Be There.

jetpack_monkey wanted to know what was up with all the tiny late-night/early-morning posts that I sometimes generate.

It's just one of my weird things. I have a brain, and it dumps random sporadic crap out. This journal is really an annex of my brain more than it is used as a public soapbox. It's not really formal publishing in any way.

In other news, Teel made noise about being a publisher as of April, and there was joking around with analogies about pimps, hoes, and johns, where the writer was the hoe, the agent was the pimp, the publisher was probably the owner of the brothel, and the readers were the johns. Since the joke was really in the exploration of the analogy, and the utter inappropriateness, it will lack something in the reading...

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