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Links of the Moment, survey-silliness: My High School Senior Year

"The Harder They Fall" Hermione/Snape, wackiness with demonic love potions Minerva/Severus friendship

My High School Senior Year... sheesh.

1.) What year was it?

1997-1998. Not all that long ago, actually. People around my friendslist still think I'm a young whippersnapper, which says something about the average age of my friends list, given that the average age on LJ is about 18, and most 18-year-olds think I'm an actual grown-up.

2.) What were your three favourite bands?

R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, and ... um ... I might have discovered the Alan Parsons Project by then, but I think I actually discovered that the summer after that, so maybe it was Blondie. Yeah, Blondie sounds about right.

3.) What was your favorite outfit?

One of those ribbed t-shirts that cling just a bit (in black) and black jeans. I'd started wearing almost only black at that point. There's a yearbook photo of swallowtayle and me, a Senior Siblings photo, that shows the two of us standing in a hallway, carefully posed glaring daggers at each other. I'm wearing that outfit. I was also notable for a purple hat with buttons on it, and was known by some people as "Joan of the Purple Hat". (Petri may not be up today, but Google's cache confirms that this is the page you want...)

3a.) What was up with your hair?

I had discovered the scissors, and Mama had given up trying to get me to not cut my own hair. I decided that I wanted something interesting and funky, and wound up giving myself perfect anime-hair, with floppy floofy bangs in front, a bit of a spike behind that, and the rest of my hair somewhat long around the sides and in back. It did look good on me, or at least, that's what I thought. I don't know if photos exist of that.

4.) Who were your best friends?

My old buddy Shawn, and D.C. Savil had already left for Alabama or wherever the heck she'd gone. Queenie was pretty close to me too, but there were politics going on with people dating other people, and she and I had had our relationship, such as it was, fizzle. Shanna, of course, was my very best friend, given that she was actively involved in saving our Collective ass from the depression.

5.) What did you do after school?

I usually went up to UAF with Shawn and the other Monkeys. We hung out and played with duct tape swords and tried not to be too obnoxious and get kicked out. Shawn and I were starting to get involved then.

6.) Did you take the bus?

Yes, in the mornings, and on the days I didn't stay after with the Monkeys up on campus. I think I was taking fencing that year. I hung out with the Nash brothers on the bus, and we mocked George C. mercilessly, because George C. was a liar and had bullied at least me in the past, and I wasn't willing to let that drop.

We had an assortment of interesting bus drivers over the years. Most of the ones we had in high school wound up being more buddies than authority figures. The bus was a great place for philosophical debates of the sort usually only indulged in while stoned or drinking far too much beer.

7.) Who did you have a crush on?

Shawn, of course.
Shawn's ex-girlfriend Dot.
Erik Nerison.
Dave-in-Germany from fencing class. (He had a crush on me too, but as the age difference was about 4 years, and I was 16/17 at the time, both of us kept it behind our masks and we only discovered it four years later.)
Randy Huang. (And this is going to be Googleable, of course, and Erik's name doesn't return all that many hits, so if he Googles himself, and since he's a geek like me, he probably will, and so then he'll know that Joan B. from his English class had the biggest crush on him, but since he didn't talk to me really, I didn't attempt to make a move on him, even though he was so my type... And, eek, Googling Erik returns a hit for Randy too, so I've linked him, so they'll both probably find their way here... )
Also Chris Reiter and his friend whose name I can't remember at the moment. That was weird, because they were in my baby sister's grade. Marc. Marc something. Marc Rohwer. Sheesh.
I was verrrrry disturbed when my psychotic hormones developed a crush on Reiter's kid brother Hazlett (who was a sophomore), because not only was Hazlett a sophomore, but he was one of the people who was adamantly not accepted in the clique, even though he made a point of hanging out. It felt like chan, because only the year before, Hazlett had been an itty bitty froshling with no facial hair, and he was younger than my little sister. (My little sister is two years younger than I am, and when I was in high school, my mental image of my sister was still frozen at nine.)
Geoff Irving, another childhood friend.

That's a lot of crushing. Most of those crushes were simultaneous. The one on Shawn lasted from Sophomore year to into and out of my first year of college, until Shawn got married to his now-ex wife.

8.) Did you fight with your parent(s)?

Yes. Gods, yes. I thought Mama was an idiot and FatherSir was psychotic. This was exacerbated by the fact that FatherSir and I have the same vile temper, and are far too much like each other to be around each other when either of us is going through anything resembling a depressive episode or any time when the temper otherwise gets unhinged. And the primary factor in my opinion of Mama as an idiot was that she put up with FatherSir patiently, which I knew that any smart person (by definition, me) wouldn't ever do. A common theme in the general animosity was That Idiot Shawn, who was far too much like teenage FatherSir, which I thought (then) ought to make FatherSir more nicely disposed towards the kid, but since few people like to be reminded of what a blithering idiot you actually were in high school, versus your own glorified memories of same.

9.) Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?

For the most part, I was not entirely aware of pop celebrities, so my celebrity crushes were ... unique. Spock, and therefore Leonard Nimoy. Mulder, but not especially Duchovny. Scully, but not especially Anderson. Kirk/Spock/McCoy gen. L.A. Graf.

10.) Did you smoke cigarettes?

Fuck no. I've actually calmed down on my stance on cigarettes. When I was a teenager, smoking was enough to disqualify you from being my friend.

I'm not entirely certain what set off my adamant no-cigarettes stance, because I don't personally know anyone who's actually died from cigarette-related illness. Perhaps one of the factors that made a strong impression on me was that a friend of the family, neighbors, had their house burn down, with their son still asleep in the house, after a wild party. FatherSir and I were out walking, and the ash was drifting down on us out of the sky. I was very small when that happened, but what FatherSir said about it made a strong impression.

10a.) Did you drink?

No, actually. That was perhaps due more to lack of environmental booze than due to scruples, at that point. I had become more open to experimentation in moderation with things less likely to kill one, and would have probably been happy about an introduction to wine coolers. I didn't actually meet anything interesting in the booze department until the following year; my first actual alcoholic drink was some booze mixed with blue Brainwash soda, to which I added 7-Up to stretch it, which mellowed it enough so I could actually enjoy drinking it. The Gray Side list archives may actually have the exact alcohol. *searches* Nope, that message either doesn't exist or hasn't been indexed. It was probably rum, because it was Rocki who had the stuff.

11.) Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?

Lug books, check. Too nervous, no. Not enough time to do the locker thing and get through the bathroom line and socialize with friends. I did chuck some books in my locker for morning/afternoon classes, but there were days I never saw my locker at all.

West Valley didn't really have horribly much of a bullying problem, at least, not as far as I noticed. I was, of course, a bit of an ivory-tower chick, and really didn't notice all that much of the subtle interplay if it wasn't directed at me. And since I was The Smart One, and I had a devoted following of freaks and geeks, I was safe. These days, you'd have pinned my entire social group as Most Likely to Pull a Columbine. Those days, of course, were just barely pre-Columbine.

12.) Did you have a 'clique'?

Oh, yes. library_monkeys is the mostly-abandoned online shrine I put up to the gloriousness that was us. We were the freaks, the geeks, and the misfits. If no other social group would take someone, we usually would, and we protected our own. If you couldn't fit in with us, you were either Too Popular, and therefore to be shunned, or really fucking freaky. Hazlett was one of the freaky ones.

13.) Did you have "The Max" like Zach, Kelly and Slater?

... This reference passes right over my head, so I must therefore go and Google it. Google is my friend tonight. Ah. A local hangout place for the gang. UAF pretty much served the purpose. We'd wind up in the Wood Center, trying to not be obnoxious enough to be kicked out, even though we were high schoolers and it was the college student rec center.

14.) Admit it, were you popular?

For a certain definition of that. I wasn't one of the superstars, but in the Monkeys, I was the most popular girl. And I was popular because I was reasonably approachable and nice, and had the Dreaded Dangerous Shawn under fairly good control. If you couldn't get something by asking Shawn directly, you came and petitioned me, and I'd see what I could do.

15.) Who did you want to be just like?

Isaac Asimov. He had written over 200 books and he was awesomely cool and he could do everything. Or Richard Feynman. Or Lois McMaster Bujold.

16.) What did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer. And married to Shawn. I was the most writerly of all my high school associates. Everyone knew I was writing a novel, because I wouldn't fucking shut up about it.

17.) Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?

If I thought about it, which I didn't much, I thought I'd be nicely graduated from UAF and probably married and probably having had at least my first kid after college, and with my novel finished and searching around for a publisher. Very domestic.

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