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Rainy Day, Work

I fell asleep listening to the rain falling, and I woke up to the same sound. Since I was late out the door to work, I took the car, and I was glad I'd done so, because I was walking at work again. By halfway through the shift, I was in definite pain. Evidently I am overenthusiastic at the task; most "walkers" are seen in the areas every ten minutes or so.

Break was interesting, because it was trystan_laryssa, dustraven, othercat, tomb_of_osiris, and the Hot Celt Phone Goon.

There was fun with computers, especially the bit where Figment's Scruffy Carpool Friend had a power blip after which the computer woke up in the closest state I've ever seen to a computer in that awkward and delicate state of coming to realize that something may have been done that permission had not been given to be done. Most people go through this with edgy conversation, or perhaps some yelling, recriminations, and throwing of last night's booze bottles. The computer took the position of stubbornly refusing to boot until someone addressed the problem of the codes for certain software not matching valid ones.

It was very amusing, how it happened. I was taking a few moments to BS with the IT guys, maybe schmooze a little (it doesn't hurt to be flattering and hot when you're a girl and they're IT guys, even if it is at work) and the Scruffy Carpool Friend started waggling his hand frantically from one of the areas I was watching.

"I think that's for you," the more ginger IT guy said.

I got myself over there by using my usual trick of instantaneous teleportation (people who first see me in casual mode are inevitably startled to see that someone of my bulk can move so swiftly and silently when there is need) and discovered that it was an unfamiliar computer error, one beyond my limited authority on these systems to fix.

"No, that's for you," I said back at the IT guy. Ahh, witty banter.

He called his compadre, the Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek (the same one who'd called me Mrs. [Lunatic] when setting up my user profile on one of the monitor computers) over, and he did some arcane things with the computer while I settled the Scruffy Carpool Friend in an unused booth. By the time he was all set up, the original computer was good to go again. I made a note of it, and mentioned it in my nightly e-mail of computer issues as yet another thing that the IT department should be praised for.

(Incidentally, I'm not sure what the computer problems e-mail situation was before I started doing it, but Pink Shirt Guy was surprised and impressed by my level of attention to detail. His first reaction: "Azure, what IS all this?" "All what?" "All ... THIS!" Evidently my writing out the full name of the error that came up on a good twenty computers once, then copying it and pasting it for the rest of the twenty instances was unprecedented. After he'd had a chance to read over it more in depth, he was impressed, after he'd gotten over the surprise. Today, the IT department shot back an enthusiastic-sounding e-mail full of how they'd fixed pretty much everything I mentioned. I felt flattered. I'd used some of my business writing class skills and closed off the e-mail mentioning that we really do like it when they fix stuff. I referred to their quick fix of that stuff in today's e-mail. Allllways let IT know how much you appreciate them ... and be competent with your computer, not helpless. Helpless with computers is not sexy.)

Trendy Chick Super came up to me when I was sharpening pencils and wanted to know if it was really true that I'd cleaned all the interviewing areas. I actually hadn't, I'd just cleaned the ones that I'd been overseeing, and then Area 9 as a bonus. Evidently I get a hell of a lot done in a short time. Heh. Go, me? She said that I was in danger of becoming the official Booth Out E-Mail Person (because no one else likes doing it).

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