Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Dusting Off

The alarm clock separates the early afternoon into nine-minute slices of time. I battle with it as I dress and prepare for work. It takes a continual litany of mixed and alternating prayer and cursing to shove me into my work clothes and have me complete all my necessary morning tasks before departing.

Sleep was uncertain, because I'd forgotten I'd left the rock that I hold on the floor, so it sat there, cooling to stone temperature half the night. I clutched only the lightsaber, and the surges and eddies of night-energy linked and grounded both through the bond, instead of just linked, which made both my morning and his tumultuous. It's not polite to ground through the link.

When I did remember the stone, it was cold rock in my hand long before it finally warmed up to liquid magic.

Breakfast is crap-in-a-can, and the holographic etching around the pop-top reminds me, yet again, that it's in the little things. I make sure that my bag of random notes and my bag of shinies is in my work-carryall.

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