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Assorted today-things:

Didn't get to sleep until about 6 am. Not good.

Sis came over before noon. Ow.

We sorted some stuff.

I took a nap.

I called Darkside and we talked for 1 hour, 21 minutes. (The good phone has a call timer. I pay close attention to how long we actually did spend on the phone, because we have a habit of losing track of time, and it helps my time-sense to make note of how long it actually was when we sign off.) He explained why he went out of town. I tore my hair out at him about the recent events, even though his trumps mine.

Tomorrow is not a good day for me to drop by; he is cleaning his room. Archaeologists are invited to try and learn something from his floor before he picks everything up.

I went grocery shopping. Bread, meat, lettuce. Bookmans is open. I managed to locate something that might be like lime soda. We shall see. The Bookmans on the corner is open now; I anticipate that when I have spare cash and some books in mind, I'll be spending serious time there.

But not until I move.

Bed now. Work in the morning. Hooray, work. Hooray, getting to talk with best friend.

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