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Day (in brief format)

Worked. Monitored.

Came home. Was immediately Called to go do stuff.

Came back home again some hours later. Attempted to chill myself out enough to eat. Succeeded a few hours later. The things that freak me out after Clergy-Calls is not the contents of the Call, but the fact that what I do on these things matters in a very real way, and what the consequences are if I screw things up. The consequences will vary from situation to situation, but if it's something where I feel the Call, the stakes are high.

Decompressed. Realized, yet again, how very much I owe to River, boojum, Darkside, iroshi, and probably a few others who have been on the Extreme Sports version of Clergy-Call to me at one point or another over the years.

Now, shall sleep. I work tomorrow.

I have a new work schedule, yay me. I work Friday-Monday now, and my Sunday shift is the afternoon one, which means my personal time with my bondmate is so fucked.

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