Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


I've updated the note_to_cat bio. I'm just Mary Fucking Sunshine this time of day, aren't I.

(Yes, this is posted in my personal journal for a reason. Mostly, because I'm still annoyed enough to cuss on general principle, and I'm very tired, and I Nobly Restrained myself from posting the following sentence in the updated bio:

To be perfectly frank, many self-described "cat-lovers" are oversensitive whiny wet dishrags who bore the living snot out of me, and probably out of most cats.

Instead, I diplomatically pointed out that everyone's got a different definition of "cat-lover", and didn't include my personal definition.

But, yeah. The tact filters? So very missing. Writing like myself and not borrowing the elliptical and wacky style of norabombay? Also very missing.)

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