Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sick? No, just off my meds.

I felt ill yesterday, with sneeziness and the beginnings of what I could tell was going to be an epic-level sore throat. I woke up today, had all kinds of dried & nasty ick in my throat, and once I coughed all that out and tried to get another two hours of sleep, I had to immediately run back into the bathroom because my nose had just downloaded another few gigabytes of snot.

Clue moment. That's not cold-action from the nasal unit. That's allergies. And when did we last take our loratadine? Too long ago.

The placebo effect, plus gravity, made me feel better immediately when I did take my allergy medicine. I now feel reasonably good -- not top-of-the-world good, but human and not dead or with zombie-creatures trying to invade my throat and explode out my nose.

Allergy meds are not optional this time of year. Argh.

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