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Spammer: the sequel

I e-mailed the abuse department of the college webspace of the spammer, expecting little better than a "Sorry, we can't babysit these little twits," in two to three weeks from the person monitoring that address, if I got anything at all.

This is (roughly) the e-mail I sent (edited for identity, of course, because I'm not THAT mean...)
Subject: Harboring a Spammer
Dear Wrangler of College Brats,

One of your little darlings, user [link to user's webspace], has been spamming up LiveJournal with some "get free stuff" type deals, the sort where you get ten friends to sign up too and then get some free cool stuff. They are using the account [LJ name], which has been reported to LiveJournal for flagrant abuse of the service & being a general crackhead.
[explanation of links to specific instances of user spamming, followed by links.]
I realize that there may not be much you can do about their activities on LiveJournal, but if they're splashing that much crap around on LJ, they may also be abusing your e-mail system with more of the same.

JL, moderator of [community]
I sent that out at Gawdawful AM. About an hour ago, their abuse department lit up my inbox.

The user has been notified of this complaint and the content has been removed from our webserver. Thank you for notifying us of this problem; we take these reports seriously. Please email us if you encounter any similar problems from users on our network. Additionally, I have to say that your email had very unique, humorous language. Thanks for the kick.

[name, rank, serial number]
It looks like I was right on in my discussion with wibbble (who was also taking similar action against said spammer): I was the one who thought that the Geek in Charge of Punk College Kids' Web Access would appreciate a little snark from someone who's got a bit of an idea what s/he's up against. Given what kellinator has to say about the punk kids in the college library she works in, snark is one of the things that makes the world keep spinning when the brats look like they're about to take over.

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