Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Happy Imbolc! Knock up a sheep! Pass the decongestants!

This is one of the holidays that was passed over when I was a kid, so I really have no emotional attachment to it. nalidoll, having done her research, informs us that the roots of the holiday are actually about lactating and pregnant sheep.

It's definitely spring in Arizona. I don't mark the year by my sheep, having no actual sheep, but the tree at the junction of paths by the weight room and swimming pool is in heavy bloom, and will continue to shed small white blossoms throughout its blooming season.

My nose and sinuses inform me that yes, this is Tree Bukkake Season, and I'd best stay on top of my allergy medicine and decongestants, because the alternative will be painful and disgusting.
Soon, the trees with the bright purple-blue flowers will be spreading their pollen all over the air. I love the color of the blossoms -- they're so vivid and unexpected to me -- but I could do without the pollen. I have never been able to remember the name of the tree, but if it blooms, I'm probably allergic to it.

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