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Head Update

Sinuses: still with the cloggage
Lungs: not happy with sinus drainage
Brain: relatively breakage-free
Pager: on
Bondmate: not doing anything (not even with me) this weekend
Earworm: the Swift song

I need to dig out my disc player, the one that plays .mp3s as well when they're on disc, and burn myself a copy of the Finest Worktape 3.0 (1.0 was on cassette tape, 2.0 would have been for audio CD, and I have to find enough of the original Finest Worktape songs and then fill in the 180 or so other blank slots on an .mp3 CD...) and take that to work with me for when I'm at the computer in the bullpen entering supervisors' notes about people shifting jobs into the computer.

Yesterday was fuckin' hell because of the schedule snafu in the morning, and all the shifts that would have been done on paper beforehand were done in person at the beginning of the shift, making about 1000 people go from job to job to make sure they were working on things they were good at or at least not bad at.

They're where? They're here, they're there, they're everywhere...

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