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Standard Fanfic Writer's Disclaimer (updated)

I do not own these characters. (In fact, in some
cases, the opposite is the case, because they've set
up camp in my brain and won't shut up until I write
them they way these particular muses want to be
written.) $AUTHOR and $CORPORATIONS(s) own these
characters. This is my interpretation of these
characters, and is not necessarily intended to reflect
canon. Inclusion of an activity or viewpoint into this
piece of fanfiction is not to be interpreted as either
endorsement or disparagement of that activity on the
part of the fanfic writer. Opinions expressed by the
characters belong to the characters, and not
necessarily this fanfic writer, the website/archive,
and especially $AUTHOR and $CORPORATIONS(s).

I guess the people who mistake the opinions of
characters for the opinions of the authors 100% of the
time have never had a contrary character, a real live
character who just pops up and says and does the most
dreadful things that you just want to smack them for,
but it wouldn't be true to the character or the story
to have them act in any other way. And it's possible
to make these characters reasonably sympathetic, even
if you would hate them if you met them. S.M. Stirling
once said in discussion on the Bujold List that if his
society the Draka were real, he'd be one of the first
in there with a backpack nuke. It's also possible for
very sympathetic and good characters to be
substantially different from their author. Mercedes
Lackey wrote Diana Tregarde so well that unless you
knew that, in fact, she consulted some assorted People
Who Know Their Esoteric Stuff, you might think that
the author herself was heavily into the Esoteric

Author != character. Not everybody writes veiled

Apropos of Az-the-Elder's brief rant on how
people keep mistaking the views and situations
portrayed in her fics as things that she actually
believes in/supports.

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